The Slow Fashion Scene in Barcelona

A shout-out to three slow fashion brands in Barcelona.

I just finished writing my Master degree dissertation. Roughly, it is about how slow fashion enhances the social economy and I studied the slow fashion scene in Barcelona as a case study to do this research. So, before sharing information and discuss with you about it, I would love to take the opportunity to shout-out to the marvelous slow fashion brands that opened their doors for my reseach.

This three brands are: Nabuck cuir, Güiem and Vintisis.

I’ll leave here a bit more about them so you can go and search more about them. Totally worth it.

Nabuck cuir


Nabuck cuir is a brand of handmade leather bags and accessories. It was founded in 2014 by Marta Ferrer and Mon Soler in Barcelona where they established their workshop to make with traditional handcraftsmanship techniques leather products. Their leather comes from Igualada, Barcelona and it is entirely leather that comes from the food industry. They look for sustainability and the best use of materials whilst offering a good design in their products. As leather artisans, they have the D’A certification from Generalitat de Catalunya, which awards and guarantees the traditional process and Catalan origin of their products.




Güiem is a menswear brand founded by Güiem Llull, a publicist and entrepreneur who created it to have a brand with authentic and distinctive style. Güiem looks to enhance high quality materials and a detailed production. Most of their materials are either organic or recycled and all is made in Spain. Their collections break up with monotony through colourful and original prints and designs whilst bonding customers with nature and a different look.





Vintisis is a brand founded in 2014 by Josep Torres and Daniel Guillan in Barcelona, Spain. They created Vintisis as a brand that tell stories and make products with the highest quality whilst being responsible and offering artistic designs. In their own words: ‘We, at Vintisis, believe that good design can improve the world’. They create original designs with a direct control on the supply chain, using Prima cotton from a cooperative farm in Peru and producing the garments in local workshops in Barcelona. Vintisis donates 1% of their sales to Save the Children.




The feature image belongs to Nabuck cuir. It shows Marta Ferrer and Mon Soler, founders of Nabuck cuir, working with their leather craftsmanship in their workshop in Igualada, Barcelona.



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