For the sake of a better world

I am heir of a world I do not like, of a culture I do not feel I belong to and of a future that does not inspire me at all.

In less than a month, many things happened all around the globe. Definitively, the world will never be again after this past month. The world is a different one, in every single aspect.

I have been for several weeks quite annoyed since I have no other way to feel. This sensitiveness started with the happenings in Orlando, but completely exploded with news and videos about what is happening in my own home, Mexico. I am jaded of explaining why there are riots on the street of the city or of having to give my opinion about Trump and his speeches. The problem is not explaining these to every person who asks me about it. The problem however is it really hurts me to explain it. Thus, today I write without academic references and too much research, but with the plain and simple feelings and thoughts that have been fulfilling me these past days.

The sentimental climax was some weeks ago with the Brexit results. Unlike many, I was expecting this results. Still it was a surprise that it happen. Some could say that since I am not European it does not affect me, or that I should not be interested on this, or even that I should not give my opinion. Some actually have told me that they are not interested since they are not directly affected. On the contrary, I am affected. A lot. And I am not limiting it to the economic features. What affects and hurts me the most is that this is part of a movement worldwide which is guiding all the politics: a local fanatism that is limiting aggressively everything that is alien to it. Please do not misunderstand me. I am a bold activist for local economy and for the development and ward of local culture. However, this is not equal to attack the alien because it is not what is ours. I am a strongly criticize of globalisation as we understand it because I do not believe in a homogeneous system for everything, leaded by a few some and which benefits those few some only at the cost of many. I am a strongly criticize the current political and economic system since I do not believe in the hegemony of markets and in the financialisation of the human life at the cost, again, of many. But that does not mean I defend the idea that we should look for these aims through violence and selfishness. It is true I believe the European Union must change and I criticise it has oppressed people and countries for an economical benefit –quite neoliberal-, yet I think the solution was not to leave but to stay with the clear idea of transforming it. If we want something different, it is not about saying “everyone through their own path”. It is a matter of finding a solution together. To the European Union, as many other international organisations in the world, while it is true they have failed in many ways, we still have to recognise they have accomplished unimaginable outcomes such as peace among nations and dialogues among different visions. This is exactly what we should not loose just for the sake of greatness of what is our, especially for a nostalgic greatness of the past and for a strident nationalism. Again, I repeat, it is not about destroying what is ours to enhance what is alien, neither it is to destroy the alien for the sake of enhancing what is ours. At the end, and I will use the African philosophy cliché, we must not forget to live Ubuntu: “I am because we are”.

I wave the flag of a generation who seeks for a different world. I graduated from my undergrad a year after the crisis back on 2008. My first job searches for a formal employment offered everything but what the system was promising. I started working in the middle of budget cuts, of impossible retirements and limited salaries. We are the first generation which is worse than the past one, a feature only seen after a war. And, eight years later I ask to myself, what has changed? Nothing. On the contrary, I believe it has just gone even worse. We still have not dared to change and regulate what has to be changed and regulated. The rhetoric, speeches and violence has been the way instead.

During the same weekend that diversity was praised, it was when the vote to close the frontiers won. The classic Greeks would be happy with a perfect and accurate example for an oxymoron. Then, it is a yes for an economic change, a yes for a regulation to banks and multinationals, but not at the expense of the people. As the generation of the crisis, I do understand the aim, but I cannot stand the closeminded speech. Let us seek for cooperation and human support. Not the markets over the people, but yes for a world with equity and values, starting with respect, cooperation and humanism.

Let us stop attacking those who are different from us, just because they have a different opinion. From the youth attacking the elders because they do not support a strike, from people doing riots on the streets destroying other’s property because they believe it is the only way to be heard, to people killing others just because they believe the others are wrong.  From people aiming to destroy education, teachers and the poor, just to have a bit more power and use the cause to enhance a political party, a politician or a false vision.

We might not agree on some aspects of the Pride Parade, or with a political plan. We might not agree with many of the ways governments all around the world are working. But to change it we should start by changing the way we are trying to transform it. We should not copy the way it has been done until now. It would better be to start searching for new citizen and human ways to transform the world. At the end, it is not to accept everything. It is not about agreeing with everything. It is not freedom for everything. That is not freedom, I agree. That is libertinage. That is not human growth, but mediocrity. Still we should learn to dialogue and live through the pleasure of the encounter with the other. So, let us say good-bye to ethiquetes and cathegories. I say this as a personal challenge. Let us start listening and embracing again as human beings.

Today, I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed of the politicians, of governments and the big powers who take advantage of the causes and of the people to go away with their personal benefits. I am overwhelmed of the speeches and the lack of intention to really create a world where we can live each day better. Overwhelmed with the people that believe violence and the limited defence of what is theirs is the last option. Overwhelmed of believing that violence is the way to solve things. But not only overwhelmed. I am sad. Quite. I am sad of waking up every day in a world like this.

Yet, I have hope. Some days ago doing some volunteering work in an Open House for homeless people, I was taking away some dirty dishes after the dinner. One of the guests who went there for its first meal of the day ask me not to take away the spoon. When I asked him why, he told me that if he keeps the spoon he has hope that any other of the guests does not eat the dessert, so he can have a second one. He was lucky that night. There was plenty of extra desserts, so he had more that night. Today I decide to have hope again. Hope of finding new ways of doing things and to find desserts that makes every day better. I have no doubt that many things have to be different and we should look for transformation. My biggest hope still is this to be achieved through different ways. Ways which are pacific, fair and radical. But radical because we changed paradigms for a better world, not for a personal benefit enhancing whatever I am without even carrying to listen. Ways and aims where we can cooperate, ways and aims where we dream together for a better vision for this world.

It is a matter of every one of us to take responsibility of our role and work. It is not a speech for more citizens and less politicians, it is not a speech of blaming others, it is not a speech of blaming one or several governments, it is not about finding the perfect speech that becomes viral online, it is not about supporting some because I am against the others. It is about each one of us to do our part to work for the benefit of all. The government must do its part, enterprises must do their part, we citizens must do our active part, and together we should look for a sustainable, fair and humanitarian world.

Many things I have shared here have to be detailed, indeed. I promise to share more ideas with more details, since this cannot be said just like that. Also, quite probably many of my ideas are wrong. However, this is only a petition to change the way we do things. Perhaps I am wrong now, but I cannot stay mute. I want to change what I am thinking and dreaming to discuss and create together a new path. I ask you to help me on this to find it. Let us search for dialogues, peace and a world we would like to inherit.

We have to occupy the government being local representatives, occupy the economy offering ways and creating new institutions, we have to occupy business to be better bosses and employees, occupy our schools to have better education, occupy our families to offer better communities where we like to grow and play, occupy our cities to live our culture and lead to like others, occupy the world to create new opportunities. It is time to make small changes it whatever is close to us, but always looking major good, sometimes far away and incomprehensible. Today I feel my worst failure would be to give to the next generation the same world I am receiving. I want to give them a world with more dignity to the next generation. For that I am keen to work, even though I might not see this world. Nevertheless, I want to leave a different world, one I am proud of giving to them and different from the one I am receiving.


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