The Happiness behind the Social Enterprise

Everything within this industry –if we can call it like that- must be about happiness and with fullfiled passion.

“Let’s start by the very beginning…” When I was a little boy something that really got into my mind were those lyrics from The Sound of Music and since then I use it to start always from the correct spot, well it is a very good place to start.

When we are talking about social enterprise, social economy, social whatever, we have to start from: everything must be about and with happiness. Of course, we aim better opportunities for certain groups, better economy development for certain communities, and more human perspectives and approaches for business and public practices. But beyond everything we aim a better world, a happier one for all. That must be our vision.

Thus, we can understand –and adopt, naturally- ideas and new practices such as Bhutan’s King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, idea of measuring Gross National Happiness. Or take as an example the Yunus way. Muhammad Yunus who has been an enormous promoter of social enterprise, besides his Nobel Peace Price, is always reaffirming the importance of optimism and a true passion behind a social enterprise. Actually, Yunus clearly mentions “…do it with joy” as one of the seven principles of a social enterprise.

It is quite obvious that doing with joy and pursuing happiness is not all. We can create a debate and discuss for hours about this. But for the moment we can leave it like that. These obviously shall be done as a whole with other metrics that shows developments such as financial or health indicators, among others. However, the wellbeing and happiness can’t be out. And perhaps must be the first thing on the list. We can’t focus only on productivity and effectiveness, social enterprise have another way.

Pope Francis just explained this in a better and more conceptualized way in his trip to Cuba. He clearly mentioned the “social friendship” which is precisely the point. It is a close and personal way to solve things. A more human way to approach, like a companionship, whilst solving social or community issues.

Do pursue others happiness and do it with joy. That is what all this is about. So, enjoy it.

Read you soon.

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