So, why WTF?

Why WTF? What it is WTF to WOW?

At first sight it might seem rude and quite impolite. But it does not pretend to be so.

It is not a WTF in the sense of “Who cares?!” or “I do as I want or else!”. It is a WTF of: “How this can happen!” or “How this can exist!”. It is a way to highlight some issues around us that need us to be solved. Homeless people, insecurity, poor education, abandoned children, global warming, and many others we can enlist all in the next door to all of us.

And of course the idea is not only to point them and make noise everywhere and then go home to get some sleep. The whole thing is to point them and then do our best –ideas, working, and embracing- to solve them. The idea is to give a bit of us to change it. Taking them from a WTF to an enormous and worth shouting WOW.

Thus, WTF is a call to change and to cofound a new world, a WOW-World. is its blog where we look to spread the word of social power expecting to incite many to do more social worthy action.

For now that is all. We hope you enjoy reading and especially enjoy doing. And let’s enjoy together changing things taking them from WTF to WOW.

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